The long weekend for Z

PSLE oral meant that p1-p5 kids did not have to attend school. It was new news for us.

We were far too busy to arrange anything for Z. Given that it was the week right before his Term 3 mini test, we let him catch up on his home assignments. It was a balance between work and Pokemon Go.

We told him if he could finish the required task, we would bring him to catch Pokemon at night. He could sleep late since there was no school the next day. He was dedicated to the task so we brought them to Clarke Quay for dinner and followed by Pokemon catching.

The next day was nearly a rinse-and-repeat except that we brought him to USS in the evening. USS closed late that evening.

It was also this day that Z took “The Revenge of the Mummy” ride and X took the “Enchanted Airways” ride for the first time.

Z needed a lot of persuasion to take the new ride. He was very scared but I enticed him with the playing of Pokemon Go at USS. The offer was too irresistible for him to reject. 

In the end, he got to play and catch Pokemon till 1030pm. It was win win for us!

The next day, both boys went for soccer. We transported the dirty and smelly kids to their friend’s place right after soccer.

Gleeful boy, proud of their sweat and dirt

They swam and played under the hot sun while I battled it out in the pokegym.😂 

Post swim and lunch, the kids continued playing.

The fantastic four

Our dinner at night was filled with more Pokegym battles 

Part of the sumptuous feast

At one point, we placed 2 pokemons in the gym 

By the end of dinner, when we were out of potions, the kids finally got too laying and running around.

We had not realized there were so many kids!


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