X & Olympics

At 3 years 7 months and 3 weeks’ old, X seemed to know a great deal about Olympics. He knew people were out to win medals. 

“I like to watch them winning.”

Or when he saw the swimming highlights, he would shout excitedly, “Phelps!! Daddy, mummy… Phelps!!”

It sounded like my toddler and the famous swimmers were acquaintances.

He declared watching table tennis and badminton as boring but he cheered for Korea in badminton. 

Though X was tipping towards 4 years’ old, he seemed to have barely grown an inch since he last cleared the Universal Studio’s 92cm height requirement. I measured him recently and realized he was only 93cm tall.

I nagged X about eating well and sleeping early. He humored me for 1 night and was back to sleeping late as usual. 

I secretly liked it that he was so small and tiny because it prolonged his toddlerhood and always looked so cute to me.

The only thing at this stage was his horrible and unreasonable tantrums. I could not fathom how he thought or operate but he was definitely trickier to deal with. 


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