Pokemon go continued

I thought we would be so done with the game after one week. It turned out that we were still playing on the 11th day.

Things were getting more interesting because having a high trainer level basically meant we could win gym battles easily except if it was played by little X. 

We were also getting the cooler pokemons like Snorlax and more. 

The whole family was onto this!

So much so that we brought Z for Pokemon hunting at MBS one weekday evening as he had no school for the next two days.

Dinner at PAUL before the catching 

Getting down to business – Z with his own account, as opposed to sharing mine
Using the Go Radar map, we were able to walk to the right location for the various pokemons that we were looking for.

I took 11 days to hit level 22 and Z only took 1 day to hit level 10!!

Though some people would think it was a waste of time, I saw it as a walk down memory lane with my kids.

X was hilarious. He observed the crowded scene at MBS Shoppes.

He said, “Many people are catching Pokemon. Some people are talking. Some people are running. Some people are working. But many people are playing Pokemon go.”

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