First hazy weekend of 2016

Sadly, the haze was back. The 3-hourly PSI was above 100 and we skipped the night festival. By morning, it was slightly better so we let the kids head down for soccer.

We, the parents, were sniffling and suffering from ready eyes. The kids seemed like they fared better than us.

By early noon, we had to drop Z off for swimming. The PSI in the west was worse but cleared up gradually.

That was how we ended up continuing with the Zoo trip.

The boys touched a snake for the first time in their lives.

X asked the zookeeper if it was a toy because he did not see it move. Thankfully for me, both boys were not scared of snakes!

Hilarious map

It was a sorry collection of pokemons at Zoo, post bed migration! 

Z enjoyed reading up on facts at the zoo

The rainforest fights back show 

It was not as fun as Splash Safari. There was minimal interactivity with the audience.

So we survived first half of a hazy weekend. I hoped we could look forward to a non hazy half!


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