Pokemon Go

This was Z, spoofing an “Eevee” look

Unlike typical moms, I actually encouraged both children to play “Pokemon Go” with me. Prior to the release in Singapore on 6 August, I had read the news of how disruptive Pokemon Go was in other parts of the world. I chuckled and thought how silly the game was. I never even liked Pokemon to begin and thought how lame the cartoons were on TV in the past.

However, it was such a crazy fad to miss. I did my own analysis if I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. It was either to be part of the pack upon launch or to stay firm and not play, or risk joining late and always play the catch-up game. So I decided it was perfectly legit to join in the fun, and I did not want my children to be ignorant in the face of this fad too. Besides, weeks earlier, I had already exposed the kids to PS4. They traded YouTube time for computer games.

As it turned out, it was a good decision.

Both boys had a lot of fun with me on this. We would get all pumped up when we chanced upon a new Pokemon or a Pokemon with high CP. The boys would cheer when we caught good pokemons like Pikachus. The boys were sad when we were short of Pokemons. They walked with me to look for Pokestops, hatch eggs and work the incense. They scooted with me for Pokegyms and comforted each other when our low-CP Pokemons got trashed. We experienced the ups and downs together. The boys knew they had to pass the phone to me if they chanced upon high CP Pokemons. The boys also enjoyed watching the evolution of Pokemons, scanned the Pokedex and tried to understand the unique powers of the Pokemons.

Z caught so many “Eevee” in town one day that he spoofed how cute it looked one day. He was also able to spoof others like “Magicarp”, “Krabby” and more.

This was a short deposit at a Pokegym before Team Instinct got kicked out

It was really a family game because it was so simple that everyone could play together. It was also a game that put us on the same playing pane. For instance, when we played tennis, it wasn’t as fun for him because of his disadvantage as a child and a newbie. When he played soccer, I only played cheerleader. Despite so many people complaining what a waste of time Pokemon Go was, I really appreciated the bonding experience it provided. 

Z said I was a very cool mom, simply because I caught so many pokemons. 

Till we catch ’em all, we will still be playing the game.




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