Another crazy weekend

Both X and I were early risers. Mr H and Z were adaptive risers. On Saturday mornings, the boys would be on their respective teams and pitches. On one particular morning, Z was on a different site for a motor skills test which we had to pay $40 for.

The items tested looked similar yet different from the usual fitness tests. We would be given a report later on.

Push-up prep position 

We had some friends over for lunch date while the kids has their swim-and-play date

It was a very sunny day!

After that, we headed to Bishan Park for skating 

X decided he was too scared and traded his skates for his scooter.

We eventually headed to Pek Kio to pick up our financiers and a rare Pokemon before heading to London Fat Duck for dinner. We even popped over to Isetan Supermarket for grocery shopping.

The boys were beat by the time we got home. That was always our evil strategy. 😂

Sunday was usually a pool day. After the kids swam and watched their fill of Olympic Games, it was lunch and lesson for Z.

X described Olympic as an event which everyone was fighting to win and he was enthralled by the sports 

After the usual routine, X took to more play time at the pool and even joined our neighbours for a water gun fight. 


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