The National Day Long weekend

It was a long weekend for the kids, not the adults as we still had to work on Monday. It was a very preoccupied weekend because Pokemon Go was launched in Singapore on 6th August.

As a result, my iPhone was largely preoccupied with catching Pokemons instead of taking photos! My Instagram and Facebook accounts were very quiet because either my phone was out of battery or I was scanning for pokestops.

National day party bag from soccer school 

On Saturday, we celebrated National Day with a lunch at Da Paolo Rochester Park, followed by the kids playing at Star Vista & Fusionpolis before returning home for a game of tennis. There was a pretty bad downpour so we ended up having dinner at the nearby Kotobuki restaurant.

Random badminton game

Pre-national day party lunch

Cramming in some work 

Z helped me to seek out pokemons around the Zhongshan Park.

On Sunday, it was swimming for both boys over staggered timings, piano and speech & drama classes for Z.

I surprised Z by arranging for a play date with his best friend from preschool. The boys had so much fun and it was nice to see them play so well together. We scooted to dinner because I wanted to hatch my poke eggs. 😂

On Monday, we were lucky to be able to deposit Z with his schoolmates, so he had soccer, nerf gun wars and swimming while both of us were at work.

Pre-national day fun with friends

Soccer practice in school hall

Red top day in school 

We met up for dinner and it was Pokemon heaven in Orchard!

On Tuesday, I made pancakes for breakfast before we headed off to USS. It turned out to be a Pikachu day! It was fruitful for the kids and I.

We were there so early that we did not have to wait for – Elmo’s Spaghetti Chase ride, Puss in Boots ride, Treasure Hunter ride, Canopy Flyer ride and Flying Dino ride.

USS for National Day

Diaper friends

Catch of the day

We caught the Sesame Street show, had lunch and squeezed in a 30min wait for Transformers ride. I also caught many new pokemons!

We went off to play tennis at home from 3-5pm and scooted to a National Day dinner feast at our friend’s place.
National day tennis practice 

It was a fabulous National Day “long weekend”, so fab that I was aching by the time I got back to office. 

Food at the National Day party


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