Toilet papers 

In an unexpected twist, I seemed to be blogging about household items. While Kleenex seemed like an obvious choice for premium toilet paper, I never thought it was. My favourite was this 4-ply Paseo toilet paper with dolphin prints. Unfortunately, it was one of the companies behind the irresponsible deforestation that had Singaporeans breathing in smog for months.

Unsurprisingly, it was taken off the shelf.

We were stuck with Kleenex and easy tears for very long until I discovered this which was a pretty good replacement for the Paseo toilet papers. Yay!

I really could not stand how Kleenex (at 3 ply and more pricey) would have bits and nibs falling off. Both my sons clean themselves up, so I really did not fancy small pieces of toilet paper in the loo.

Dear PurSoft, you have my vote and please stay FSC-certified forever!


4 thoughts on “Toilet papers 

  1. I was also happily using the Paseo Dolphin print till they became unavailable here. I’m now using either Feathersoft 4-ply or Beautex’s 4 ply Ichiryu 🙂


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