Friends & parties 

Saturday mornings were always made up of soccer unless cancelled due to bad weather. In the last weekend of July, the kids chilled out in the pool and we headed out for a sinful lunch of Jollibee. It was really the best fast food fried chicken ever!

We took the chance to visit Toddler M who was warded for a minor surgery. X and M played so much that both did not want to part from each other.

Kids playing with Sonic game 

It was also a day of full month parties! We attended two parties and celebrated the joy of our friends with their newborns.

X, enjoying his sweets by the pool

X was such a sweet toddler to the babies.

We even had Z telling us that the ideal family makeup was to have 3 children in the household. He explained that he should have one more sibling to play with. It wasn’t because he wanted to stop playing with X but because he felt the more the merrier.

Our boys were definitely very baby-loving . Penning this down to remind them that if they liked babies so much, they should have their own children as early as possible in future! 😂


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