A typical weekend in Term 3

Every term encompassed an “add/drop” function. We added or dropped activities according to seasonality and preferences. For this term, Sundays had become the ultimate bomber.

  1. Swimming – we swapped schools and cut back on the time spent on swimming because Z decided he would like to consider other sports before he tried semi-comp swimming lessons. This was fine by us because semi-comp represented a different ball game of commitment.
  2. Soccer – Z chose to step up and spend more time on soccer, namely because of his peers and so much fun they could get up to.
  3. Arts – Z chose to continue with piano, in lieu of art. In his ideal world, he wanted to continue with heArt studio and piano. In our less than ideal world, we explained that some form of priority and selection was in order.
  4. Chinese & Presentation – we signed Z up for a Mandarin Speech & Drama class, in the hope of improving both linguistic skills and confidence. This was evidently helpful in his recent Chinese Show & Tell which he did rather well. He had also been telling us how he’d been volunteering to read passages aloud in class and receiving tokens of encouragement from the Chinese teacher.

As a result, this was how our weekends looked like.

830 to 1030am – soccer

This was great so it meant we could go out with friends, setup playdates and do anything that we wanted after soccer.

800 to 930am – swimming
1000 to 1100am – more swimming at home, morning tea break or play
1130 to 1215pm – piano
1230 to 1300pm – rest time or lunch
1330 to 1500pm – speech & drama class (which tended to overrun)

By the time we were free, it was so late. We only had 2 hours’ window to do something before dinner and prepping the kids to wind down for the weekend.

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