A rainy weekend 

It was such a wet weekend that their Saturday soccer class was cancelled. The field would be unsuitable for playing after the previous day’s of rain. It was raining on and off. During the pocket of dryness, Mr H brought Z for his swim makeup class before we headed down to Bounce.

The main thing I preferred about Bounce to Amped was that it was newer, smelt fresher and there were referees to control and man the jumping traffic. It meant that it was optional for parents to enter and jump with super junior kids like X. We could also view from a close distance without paying admission charges. However, Amped won in terms of pricing. If the parents would like to jump with the toddlers, Amped was way cheaper too.

Post jump, we headed to Da Paolo Bistro Bar for lunch. I had snapped a 50% discount deal!

We even had a complimentary tiramisu, and the service was impeccable too.

Since we were in the west, we also popped over to The Rink at Jcube. It was $17.50 per adult and $15.50 for 2 hours, sans gloves and socks’ rental. 

X wasn’t in the mood to ice skate, prob due to over jumping in the morning 

We ended up renting a skating aid, a seal, for him to sit on. The idea was to make the kids so tired that they would sleep earlier!

We adjourned home for a break. The kids played with the neighbours till dinner with their grandparents at Chir Chir 313.

Z loved the fried chicken drumstick 

The boys found this too cute not to take picture with

By the time we left town, it was almost 9pm. They slept by 945pm which was a pretty good arrangement in my opinion.

However, they were up by 820am. I was so tired from the day before and groggy from the medications. Z helped me to brush X’s teeth, get his diapers off and even read to him.

By 9am, Mr H was back from his breakfast shopping. We enjoyed a good meal and chat over breakfast while the kids played from inside the  house to the pool outside.

It was with great reluctance for Z to call it a day and to attend his piano class as well as the mandarin speech & drama class.

While Z was at class, we brought X to the library

Post class, we brought the boys to USS. Despite getting there so late, we managed to complete 5 attractions before dinner 

Mascot lovers who were scared of franken


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