Afternoon with the kids 

Despite the gloomy weather, the gung-ho mummies (us) brought the kids to East Coast Park to check out Marine Cove after school. We loaded 2 children’s bicycles each to the car and drove down in semi-drizzle. I had half a mind to detour to Kallang Wave Mall. Thankfully, the rain stopped when we got to the park.

The beauty of the situation was that the Marine Cove playground was rather empty.

Climbing up the slide

The pathways up to the slides were very challenging and X could not go up at all. The height also frightened X.

At the TOP of the web!

His Favourite plaything – the swing!

Getting bored at the park… Hitting the drums away

So the truth about the park was that it looked more impressive in photos and blogs than in person. The kids were bored after a while, so it was a good thing that we packed bicycles for them. The playground was just another playground. It was not as intuitive or interesting. It was a good place for the kids to run around if they had games and peers of their own.

We hit the gravel. The kids did not get too far because the toddlers could not keep up with the pace of their big brothers.

The kids posed with their bikes

Kids winding down

We had dinner at McD which was pretty fun because of an interactive projector but they very soon settled in a world of their own.

What drew the kids

It was a great afternoon after school for them!


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