Racial Harmony Day PV

This was my second time volunteering at the school. The first time was for International Friendship Day. I met some mothers from the previous PV experience.

I had a much easier time this round and as usual, it was a delight to hang out with the kids and always a joy to make Z happy. This round, we even had “student ambassadors” to assist us at our stations.

I was getting the hang of trudging through 3 recesses. I was at the snacks’ station. Given the previous day’s experience where the snacks ran out before it hit the 3rd break, the teacher in charge kept reminding us not to give out to the lower primary students or students without the cards. By my estimation and the traffic flow, another PV and I thought it was fine to give out sparingly. The teacher kept reminding us not to do so. The other PV only smiled and commented, “We look at these boys from the eyes of a mother, they see it from the eyes of a teacher.” Needless to say, we did what mothers would. 😂😂😂

And we still had leftover snacks at the end of the day!

It was quite refreshing to take time off work and participate in the school activities. Since Z was young, I always prioritized school performances, excursions and now parent volunteer work. I might not give up work and stay at home to look after my sons but I made time for them to remind them that they were so important to me.

It was also days like this that made me think I probably would not like to stay home to look after my kids. I guess work was “me time” in my perspective, oddly as it might sound.


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