Is it the system or the parents?

This entire “hoo haa” about PSLE created new and additional discussions about Singapore’s less-than-desirable education system. It could be the rebel in me who refused to conform, it could also be how I looked at the big picture, how I already planned my future steps and hence, thinking very little of PSLE.

For some people, it was a “been there done that” and recognizing that a good PSLE score was insignificant in one’s future.

For some people, it was a “been there done that” and benefiting from the system.

For most of the “never been there nor done that” folks, they believed that securing a good grade was akin to ensuring that their children were on the greener side of the pasture.

Some blamed the MOE system. Some blamed the overzealous parents who were too quick to throw money at tuition teachers in a bid to turn their kids into “super genius”. Was it the PSLE or the parents robbing young children of their playtime?

As one of #TLC (The Leadership Challenge) practices go, leaders should always inspired a shared vision. In this instance, the greater purpose was to enjoy the pursuit of knowledge, not to clear PSLE. 

Too many parents think that their children are capable of getting 4 points for their 2021 PSLE. Well, I doubted Mr H and I were so brilliant to produce sure-win offsprings with guaranteed top notch scores. However, that was not important.

What was important was that our children enjoyed their childhood, that we had many happy times and they would grow up loving the concept of families, and eventually have their own. I always felt thankful for the days when I was greeted with silly grins, sloppy kisses and tiny hugs. It did not matter how bad my days were, they never felt to cheer me up (though spilling and peeing on the floor could rile me!).

Unfortunately, every parent wanted his/her child to be the winner of the game. This led to the crazily competitive situation where parents overly invested in tuition for an insignificant outcome to the children’s future, creating very poor or negative ROI. 

Was it the system or the parents?

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