A thousand years

We were blasting music from the iPhone in the car when this song came on. Z was very good. He recognised it as the ‘vampire’ movie song and that was a movie that sent his mom gaga over.

During the family chatter, I asked Mr H if he was going to love me for a thousands years. Both Z and X gagged in the backseat. I pretended to sulk when Mr H said yes. I told Mr H it was supposed to be forever, not just a thousand years. There more gags from the backseat. I enjoyed disgusting my boys.

When the next song “Love, Me” by Colin Ray came up (by my selection), it was to gross the boys out further. If you knew how the lyrics went, part of it sang “Meet me in heaven”.

Z suddenly piqued, “Daddy can love Mummy forever in heaven.”

“Next time, when both of you die, you can meet in heaven and continue to love there.”

After a pause, “Will you meet me in heaven too?”

“Do you want us to wait for you?”

“Yes, I want you to wait for me. Ye Ye and Po Po will be there too, right?”

“Yes, we will wait for you.”

With that, I teared. We would not know where our lives would take us, how our lives would end, what laid beyond. I was touched by Z’s innocent request. I also wished to be with my family forever if we could. The fact was we couldn’t and we could not control. As long as we were together, I would meet you and wait for you anywhere you want.

I could leave you our memories and our love because you could always revisit the time we shared in the family blogs. 



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