Working at Chinese

I am at a crossroad where I am wondering if I am going to throw the white flag in at this early stage.

While I literally let my sons try and learn everything under the sun from skiing in mountains to snorkelling in the sea (where age/height is permissible), I draw the line at academic enrichment.

Z does not dislike Chinese. He actually embraces it, a million thanks to his awesome preschool. His Chinese standards is actually pretty decent. He is consistent in all 3 subjects. His Hanyu Pinyin is as good as mine, after a 2-month learning in K2. His read aloud Mandarin is good too.

However, his ability to recognise Mandarin words is on the decline. If there is HYPY, he breezes through it. Without HYPY, he falters.

While HYPY enables them to learn Mandarin, it also inhibits in known areas.

The crux hit when I realise how Z struggles with comprehension passages at times. If it’s a new vocabulary word, I won’t really care. It is how he is failing to recognise Chinese sight words that makes me wonder – Is Chinese tuition necessary?

Z and I had a chat over this.

He promised that he would try his best. I told him I really needed his cooperation to complete and pay attention to some of the tasks I had given him. The tasks range from e-learning, e-Chinese passages with audio, reading and assessment work. If he was unable to focus on his own, I would have to outsource this piece to external parties.

He had always known that our priorities were to spend more time on fun than work, and that could only be achieved if he was conscientious in his work and learning.


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