Mid-July weekend

Post soccer tournament, we came home and let X try his new swimsuit. The sizing was 3-4 years’ old. The top was fitting but the bottom was looser. I could not figure out if I had bought a good size or not.img_3293

We spent the afternoon lunching and shopping with Z’s schoolmate & family. The kids had a blast at Decathlon, running amok and City Square. Later on, Z even adjourned to his friend’s house for more play while we carted X home to nap.

We also hosted a small dinner party at home to celebrate our friend’s birthday too.img_3311

It was the first time I tried to cook curry chicken and it was quite okay! Finally, I had more use of curry leaves in the same cooking period. (Spot curry leaves in the cereal prawns too). The family was likely to have cereal fish in the next few days too!

Playing with the second youngest kiddo of the groupimg_0519

X was such a sweet kiddo with babies, just like how Z was.

Anyway, the usual 4 boys had such a blast and played Beyblades + Playstation till 11pm. They really did not want to call it a night though we, the parents, were quite ready to hit the sack.


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