X’s first Match 

X’s second soccer lesson coincided with the academy’s internal tournament. It was an awesome (and mega effort) on the association’s end to conduct this for the kids every term. It was fun for the kids and gave them an idea of how tournaments ran.

We registered X for the tournament though we did wonder which team was his Under-6 (comprising of kids from 3.5 to 6 years’ old) was going to play against. Later on, we realised all the team members were split up. X was in the same team as Z! Every team had a super junior member and Z’s team had the youngest junior.

X was very happy. Even if he did not know how to play as a team member, he was so happy to be strutting around the field and following the coach around.

Left: Kick off by X, Right: Team huddle

There were 3 matches. During the first match, X sulked and squatted after a while. He was upset that no one passed him the ball. During the second match, he was asked to kick off. Coach asked if he knew where he should score, he pointed in the right direction but got scared when he had to kick. The older boys from the opposing team were really funny. They kept volunteering X to throw in the ball because they knew he could not throw well. The funniest moment hit when X was standing in the middle of 2 pitches. He looked left and right, right and left because he got disoriented and was confused about where his team was! We literally laughed out loud. We laughed, he heard and the next moment, he squatted in the middle of the field to cry. The next funny moment was during prize presentation ceremony and X insisted on having a trophy.

This summed up about X’s day at the match.

As for Z, he was a lot better at matches than at the start of the year. He had been good with drills but never really got the dynamics of a match play. At the start of the year, he was unclear about what to do and how to go about in a game. By now, he had 4 “tournament” experiences so he was really running back and forth. He played defender role well, likewise for midfielder. Next up for him was to figure out how to attack properly. He claimed he did not want to be goal keeper because if you conceded a goal, you had to show your backside to the team. Boys!

Anyway, Z was really disappointed that he did not get a trophy (again). To be honest, he had done his best and his team lost marginally, despite having X on the team. There was a tie and goal difference was used. Needless to say, he learned that scoring was very important.

I encouraged Z that his reward was a pair of new boots which I had ordered from UK (same pair as X). Now, my dear boy had become a fan of L. Messi, even though he had never seen him play soccer on TV.



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