A year older 

As usual, birthdays weren’t just a single day affair, so let alone the meals.

Blessed with the company of loved ones and great friends, the week was splendid even if it spelled bad news for my waistline. With each passing year, I learned to value precious friendships forged over clinks of celebrations, understandings and love for life. 

Mr H also took the chance for us to have sans kids meal over both lunch and dinner. It was a respite from the usual interrupted meals.

We had lunch at Dancing Crab.  With the Amex Palatte card promotion, we enjoyed 50% off the bill!

Crab cakes 

Tiger prawns with dips 

Baked oysters 

There was a Combo Pack 2 unpictured.

In the evening, instead of buying me flowers which would wither, dry and be thrown away, he got me an incredibly cute Forever Friends bear. It was selected by Z!

For dinner, we tried Bridge at Seah Street.




Snapped fish with deconstructed scallop

Roast Pork Belly

Celebrated with the kids and our bears 

The birthday celebration did not stop there. My girlfriends bought me lunch at our usual dim sum hangout.

My sister bought me lunch at Drury Lane Cafe which served salted egg York with prawn egg 

She even topped the theme off with a salted egg yolk lavender cake!

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