X’s potty business 

It was not anything new but X had been at it for months.

It amused me that at such a tender age, X could climb into the toilet bowl for his small and big business on his own. He was even able to wipe his backside properly, wash his hands, flush the toilet bowl and put on his pants. That was not too shabby for a 3.5year old. Z only achieved this at 4 years and 2 months’ old. On the contrary, X had been proactive in doing so while Z had to be coerced into cleaning his own backside.

Furthermore, I recalled it took us a while to teach Z how to wipe his own backside. He kept wasting toilet paper. X was quite savvy in this area. We checked on him after his own cleaning and he always passed the check.

In potty business, you win some, you lose some. Z had been able to sleep through the night without wetting his bed at 2.5 years’ old but X still could not do it consistently at 3.5 years’ old. Nevertheless, I was still happy with my boys’ general progress.

These days, X was also learning to bathe himself. Z was also doing the same at the age. I had to say I felt very proud to have trained my boys to be independent.


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