Our birthday weekend

It was the usual programming with a spin. We got up at 7am on Mr H’s birthday, not to celebrate but to have a family breakfast at the nearby McD. It was a special day before X agreed to attend the Soccer class.

X with a hesitant look

Nonetheless, he held out through the 2 hours with our constant reminders on his final prize at the end of the day. He was so pleased to buy the jersey and socks. 

We headed off to House at Dempsey where our buddies gave us a lunch treat because their son’s birthday fell on the same day too.

Super nice tuna salad

The eggs’ benedicts were not bad too

My favorite was the Squid Ink Pizza but it was too black to take a nice picture.

The kid’s pasta

Best buddies

Water play

Surprise cream cheese cake from Henri Charpentier

The rest of the afternoon was spent by the pool when the gift I ordered from Mr H arrived. To be honest, the gift wrap was disappointing, made worse by a blank greeting card.

The evening was spent with the extended family as Mr H’s cousin’s son’s birthday also fell on the same day. There was an additional cake for Mr H too. How cute!

By Sunday, we celebrated the belated birthday of our close girlfriend whose birthday was also the same as Mr H. 

Fried chicken from Chir Chir


To many happy returns

By dinner time, it was the 4th birthday celebration of the weekend and it was for both Mr H & I.

Mr H’s Favourite type of meal

Rare cheese mango cake from Chateraise

Family celebration


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