The long weekend for Z

PSLE oral meant that p1-p5 kids did not have to attend school. It was new news for us.

We were far too busy to arrange anything for Z. Given that it was the week right before his Term 3 mini test, we let him catch up on his home assignments. It was a balance between work and Pokemon Go.

We told him if he could finish the required task, we would bring him to catch Pokemon at night. He could sleep late since there was no school the next day. He was dedicated to the task so we brought them to Clarke Quay for dinner and followed by Pokemon catching.

The next day was nearly a rinse-and-repeat except that we brought him to USS in the evening. USS closed late that evening.

It was also this day that Z took “The Revenge of the Mummy” ride and X took the “Enchanted Airways” ride for the first time.

Z needed a lot of persuasion to take the new ride. He was very scared but I enticed him with the playing of Pokemon Go at USS. The offer was too irresistible for him to reject. 

In the end, he got to play and catch Pokemon till 1030pm. It was win win for us!

The next day, both boys went for soccer. We transported the dirty and smelly kids to their friend’s place right after soccer.

Gleeful boy, proud of their sweat and dirt

They swam and played under the hot sun while I battled it out in the pokegym.😂 

Post swim and lunch, the kids continued playing.

The fantastic four

Our dinner at night was filled with more Pokegym battles 

Part of the sumptuous feast

At one point, we placed 2 pokemons in the gym 

By the end of dinner, when we were out of potions, the kids finally got too laying and running around.

We had not realized there were so many kids!


Pokemon go continued

I thought we would be so done with the game after one week. It turned out that we were still playing on the 11th day.

Things were getting more interesting because having a high trainer level basically meant we could win gym battles easily except if it was played by little X. 

We were also getting the cooler pokemons like Snorlax and more. 

The whole family was onto this!

So much so that we brought Z for Pokemon hunting at MBS one weekday evening as he had no school for the next two days.

Dinner at PAUL before the catching 

Getting down to business – Z with his own account, as opposed to sharing mine
Using the Go Radar map, we were able to walk to the right location for the various pokemons that we were looking for.

I took 11 days to hit level 22 and Z only took 1 day to hit level 10!!

Though some people would think it was a waste of time, I saw it as a walk down memory lane with my kids.

X was hilarious. He observed the crowded scene at MBS Shoppes.

He said, “Many people are catching Pokemon. Some people are talking. Some people are running. Some people are working. But many people are playing Pokemon go.”

X & Olympics

At 3 years 7 months and 3 weeks’ old, X seemed to know a great deal about Olympics. He knew people were out to win medals. 

“I like to watch them winning.”

Or when he saw the swimming highlights, he would shout excitedly, “Phelps!! Daddy, mummy… Phelps!!”

It sounded like my toddler and the famous swimmers were acquaintances.

He declared watching table tennis and badminton as boring but he cheered for Korea in badminton. 

Though X was tipping towards 4 years’ old, he seemed to have barely grown an inch since he last cleared the Universal Studio’s 92cm height requirement. I measured him recently and realized he was only 93cm tall.

I nagged X about eating well and sleeping early. He humored me for 1 night and was back to sleeping late as usual. 

I secretly liked it that he was so small and tiny because it prolonged his toddlerhood and always looked so cute to me.

The only thing at this stage was his horrible and unreasonable tantrums. I could not fathom how he thought or operate but he was definitely trickier to deal with. 

Swimming test coming up 

After a day of school and evening soccer practice, Z gamely headed down to the pool to practice swimming by himself in view of a test coming up in 6 weeks’ time.

I felt heartened by his disciplined spirit and willingness to work hard. It was different from 6 months’ ago when I had to constantly remind him to practice.

How my 6.75 years’ old had matured. 

He was getting the hang of differentiating between when to work and when to play. If he could keep this up, I would never need to worry for him.

A mom could always dream, right? 

Goal oriented tot

In order to start playing with his new nerf gun, I told X that he had to finish tracing his ABC book.

Without any reminder from me, he whipped out the book the next morning and started this. Unfortunately, he only lasted through C to F.

However, he knew that he had to complete this so he did not whine opening a new toy. Great system we had in place, it saved me so much headache when the kids knew what was expected of them! 

First hazy weekend of 2016

Sadly, the haze was back. The 3-hourly PSI was above 100 and we skipped the night festival. By morning, it was slightly better so we let the kids head down for soccer.

We, the parents, were sniffling and suffering from ready eyes. The kids seemed like they fared better than us.

By early noon, we had to drop Z off for swimming. The PSI in the west was worse but cleared up gradually.

That was how we ended up continuing with the Zoo trip.

The boys touched a snake for the first time in their lives.

X asked the zookeeper if it was a toy because he did not see it move. Thankfully for me, both boys were not scared of snakes!

Hilarious map

It was a sorry collection of pokemons at Zoo, post bed migration! 

Z enjoyed reading up on facts at the zoo

The rainforest fights back show 

It was not as fun as Splash Safari. There was minimal interactivity with the audience.

So we survived first half of a hazy weekend. I hoped we could look forward to a non hazy half!