X’s first official “enrichment” class 

A picture says a thousand words.

After “playing” soccer with the big brothers, X demanded for his own pair of soccer boots, socks and jersey. We used this to bait him into agreeing to attend a trial class with his brother’s soccer sxhool. It would be his second attempt because he had walked off the field a few months ago, barely 10min into the class.

He exhibited reluctance initially from fear of new environment, then fear of being unable to execute the drills and eventually from “tiredness”. 

Thankfully, he kept his eye on the prize and hanged on. 

With that, our 3.5yo completed a 2 hours class.

I personally liked soccer classes because of the sheer amount of stamina the kids could gain. I was looking forward to X’s next possible “enrichment” class in September. 

Hopefully, these exposures would aid him in adapting to ski lessons end of the year.


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