The Youth Day long weekend – Part 3

Of all days, we went to KidZania on a very crowded day. There was a Qatar family day too. 

It opened at 9am. When I reached at 9, this was the sight.

It didn’t help to know that the distribution for pilot passes started at 9am when we only entered the park at 930am.

I wished we had paid more attention to the distribution timings but it was so confusing and so crowded. We also had so many things to figure out and work on. 

Anyway, by the time we figured out, time had passed and people had multiplied!

So these were definitely jobs on the radar when the kids headed back in future.

My biggest tips would be:

1. Bring a charger/powerbank. We can only charge our phones at cafes and parents’ lounge.

2. Do the admin work such as banking and passport making when the crowd thinned, usually during/after lunch 

3. Attend the university at the end of the day if you can’t find an activity to join i.e. Queue had closed.

4. Just be prepared to return

5. Always count the number of kids in the queue. It sucked to be bump off if you were the last kid. 

6. Kids did not always have to make their dough at lunch time. We could just buy for them if they did not feel like doing as a job, like our kids.

1. Surgeon

2. Clock tower dancers 

3. Actor

4. Photographer 

5. Policeman

6. City parade dancer 

7. Courier 

8. University student 


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