The Youth Day long weekend – Part 1

It had been eons since ‘Youth Day’ meant anything to us.

With Z in P1, it meant it was a free day, creating a long weekend for him. It was not a long weekend for us but I took leave on Monday to bring him out. It was also surprising for us to  know that he had homework from school!

We basically reserved the entire Saturday for him to catch up on his school homework as well as the assessment work which I gave him. The key thing I hated about bringing the kids on holidays was not the additional expenditure or putting up with less than stellar behaviour. It was Z’s regression in the learning journey.

Long story short, it was such a relaxing and fun holiday that he had post-holiday blues (he had been like this since post-babyhood). He was whiny about going for his sports classes and the assessment work that I gave him.

For the first week after school reopening, he was disinterested, slow and tardy in finishing his work. He took an exceptional long time to deliver low quality work, which meant tons of corrections to walk through. As a result, we had to spend our Saturday afternoon resolving this. Poor X had to suffer along with his brother by being cooped up at home.

We broke the terrible Saturday spell by bringing the boys for an “Ice Age” movie with our neighbours. Unfortunately, he had to catch up on corrections after the movie. If I was a persistent parent, Mr H was stubborn X 10 times, so he kept Z up with endless corrections. Both X and I went to went in fatigue, and we had not even done much the entire day, so I could not imagine how Z felt.


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