Z and e-learning 

The eventual story was that I decided to sell the iPad mini 2 in the end.

However, I asked Z to pitch in $200 towards the purchase of an iPad Pro 9.7″. I told him it was more worthwhile to pool our resources to share a bigger and more powerful iPad than to hold onto to 1 old iPad mini 2 and 1 new iPad mini 4.

He was excited and game for the idea. With that, he became a shareholder of the iPad Pro. 

I tested some of the websites the school was using and they worked fine on the iPad. No flash-based materials so far, phew! If there was any flash-based materials, I guess he would have to use our laptop or MacBook Pro. 

I thought having a mobile learning device would be more useful than lugging books around. 

Given that myon was also useful for X, it would be a handy tool. 

I also thought Z should pick up typing skills and the Smart Keyboard should provide a good training ground.

With that, Z had a mobile and digital learning environment. I guessed I would be doing a tiering scheme, I.e he had to complete a certain number of tasks before he could download a game app. 

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