X and e-learning 

I was taking stock of all the e-learning websites Z was using in school when X was got interested. He climbed onto the chair and asked me for something to do. He had been exposed to Xue Le, so I thought of showing him ‘MyOn’.

It was an online portal of children’s e-books.

The best part was these were read-aloud e-books.

Since it was a new initiative, X enjoyed reading and echoing after these e-books. By the second session, X was able to control the mouse pad to click on “next” and “home” button. 

It looked like this could be part of our reading routine in future. It definitely rocked lots! So thankful to have Z’s school resource for X to use. I recalled during Z’s time, we had to evaluate pen readers, reading materials and presto, here we had access to great contents with audio reading. 🎉


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