Z buys my used gadget

I had decided to upgrade my iPad mini 2 to a new iPad mini 4 with higher memory space. At the same time, I also upgraded my MacBook Pro from 256GB to 512GB.

Z was very concerned when he saw me selling off my MacBook Pro and was shocked to hear it was already sold off within days. When he knew that I wanted to sell my iPad mini 2, he kept asking me why. 

Mr H joked that I could sell it to Z. I told Z I had listed it at $380 on Carousell. The boy sighed.

I told him I could sell it to him at a special price of $200.

My 6.5 year old sat up excitedly and said, “Yes! I will buy!”

I was not sure if I really should strike the deal and asked Mr H’s for his opinion.

Mr H said it was really up to me to decide and Z said gingerly, “Daddy, you don’t sabo!”

It was amusing to have my not-so-little boy wanting to buy over my used gadget. 

At least he did not take it for granted that I should give it to him! 


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