X’s night potty training

At 2.5 years’ old, X moved out of diapers in the day. He had more accidents than Z. As such, he could not be trusted to nap without diapers, let alone trying to let him sleep through the night without diapers.

During the period when we were on holidays, it could be because he was dehydrated but his diaper was always dry in the mornings. Hence, Mr H took the leap of faith and let X sleep without diapers at home. 

The first night – success.

The second night – success.

The third night – accident struck. At 3am, X was screaming and wailing away in disappointment. This little boy, at 3.5yo, exhibited a lot of pride and independence. Unfortunately, he was not independent enough to wake up and go to the loo despite some drills. 

The fourth night – accident struck again.

By the fifth night, he was back on diapers and even peed so much that his diaper leaked. 

He lost so much confidence in himself that he told us to put him in diapers for bed. 

It was an eventful learning journey and definitely not as fuss free as Z’s potty training when went from 100% on diapers to diaper free in 1 week.

But baby, we would always root for you!

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