X’s trial class at Julia Gabriel

Let me take stock of the trial classes X had attended.

  1. Soccer at Z’s school >> X screamed and cried, and walked out of the class
  2. Speech & Drama at Act3 >> X screamed and cried, and only joined the last 10min of the 60min trial class.
  3. Swimming at Aqua Ducks >> X screamed and cried, and had to return for a 2nd trial class; only to decide on his own that he would rather brave and ride it out at home. At 3 years 1 month old, he was floating, paddling and swimming without any flotation assistance. It was a proof point that he wanted to make swimming work without attending classes.
  4. Multi Sports at Tiny Tots >> X pulled and tugged, but it was a parent accompanied class so he went along grudgingly.
  5. Speech & Drama at Julia Gabriel (latest!)

How should I even start? This. This was the triggering point.

I never realized that bubbly X could be a child, so shy and afraid of new surroundings that it would rob him of learning experiences at new classes.

Determined to make him concede to ski lessons at the end of the year, I had to expose him to external classes and build his familiarity with attending “fresh classes”. Apparently, preschool classes did not count because those were regular getups. 

Given my attitude towards enrichment lessons, I did not send Z to Julia Gabriel because I believed the preschool would do a good job. They really did. 

However, with X and his outright rejections of various classes, I was in a tight spot and frantic to try new life lines. 

At first, X was petrified and was reluctant to join the activities. Over time, he loosened up and actually followed the teacher’s instructions pretty closely. At the end, I asked him if he would like to join, he said yes.

So now, here I was at a crossroad, unsure if I should send him in or to save the moolah for another activity that I believed in. 


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