Aftermath of the Okinawa-HK trip

Okinawa was lovely. It was so gorgeous, idyllic and fun which was way above my expectation.

Having traveled to most parts of Japan since 2006, it was refreshing to visit this laidback part of Japan which had an interesting history, resulting in a mix of cultures.

It had been under marketed as a travel destination. It boasted of heritage and pristine beaches. It was child-friendly, educational and fun because of the variety of activities we could take part in.

It was nice to drive along the leisure coast, bask in awe of nature’s beauty and marine life. It was easy to switch back to modernity because convenience stores and shopping malls were within easy drives.

It was a great and kids’ friendly travel destination, made awesome by the resort and the close encounters with marine life. Had we gone to other beach holiday spots, I would have reservations about the safety concerns and might not push for Z to snorkel and kayak. The equipment were in great condition. The service staff were able to speak English, if not fluently but still manageable.

When X’s height hit 110cm, we would definitely consider heading back to the pristine beaches of Okinawa. Hopefully, there would be direct SQ flights (not SilkAir!) or Peach Airline might actually have a decent LCC Terminal.


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