Day 11 – Enchanted Breakfast, Disneyland & heading back home 

By now, I was very used to waking up early. I had booked us for breakfast buffet at Enchanted Gardens from 730-9am. It was 300+ HKD for one adult and 200+ HKD for one child.

It was pricey but it meant the kids would be able to meet their favorite characters in the comfort of the restaurant. It was Z’s third time dining at this restaurant so we knew the drill.

Family photo with the resident icon

Kids and their customised light sabres

We were done with breakfast by 9am since we took the earlier 730-9 slot, checked out of the hotel at 930am and took the Disney shuttle to the park.

Here’s X with his new cap and bag

I could not believed I queued 1hour for this. The queue had looked really short but what we did not expect were some Mickey fanatics who took it as a meet-and-greet session and engaged the mascots in talks and autography sessions!?!?!?!

The painful wait 

After that, we took the western railroad 1.5X around the park, simply because it was so hot and we had to wait pretty long for the ride.

We finally alighted at Fantasyland and took the kids for the Madhatter’s teacup ride.

Followed by “It’s a small world” boat ride

We headed to Toy Story land for the parachute and slinky dog ride before X fell asleep. We hanged around to wait for him to wake up and eat lunch. We took him to the Jungle cruise boat ride and hurried to catch the 330pm parade.

Post parade, we squeezed in another Buzz Lightyear’s ride before we made our way to the airport.

Appeared to be excited about going home

We took the 1955-2345H flight and reached home at half past twelve.

Aftermath of the trip, this will indisputably be our last trip to HK Disneyland. The general experience was made poor by the other guests. Since when do people watch a Disney parade with umbrellas all opened? Why did people not move in when they should? Or worse, clamour to fight to sit in the middle of the western railroad train when it did not matter if you sit a bit to the left or right? The view was all the same.

It was not the heat. Though the sun was so scorching hot. USS was just as hot.

It was not the overpriced Disney apparels. The Disney tees which we bought in Japan were sold at DOUBLE the prices in HK.

It was not the unfeeling or lack of smiles from the Disney staff.

It was simply how ungracious and selfish the general patrons in HK Disneyland were. The park was not even crowded. The rides ranged from a 5-15min’s wait on average. I had been to Tokyo Disneyland on the most crowded possible day, even so, it was a lovely experience.

Little wonder why HK Disneyland was racking in losses.


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