Day 10 – Disneyland, Hong Kong

We took a maxi cab (first that I had seen in HK) from Regal hotel to Disneyland hotel for HKD140. It was HKD120 + HKD20. The surcharge was for baggage handling fees.

Waiting to check in

We were so early and also because the park opened so late at 1030am that we had time to take photos at the hotel (I mean, compared to Tokyo’s 830am??)

We could enter the park before 1030am but could proceed beyond this invisible line

Buzz light years – no fast pass? Because it was such a quiet park. This ride’s waiting time was 5-10 minutes.

The kids insisted on the BB8 drinking bottle.


Finally caught the Disney Storybook show

Unfortunately, Elsa sang poorly

We went for Hyperspace Mountain ride with Child Switch option though it was not mentioned anywhere.

Then the kids got to build their own light sabres.

We took the Pooh bear ride a few times and I noted that the rides in Disneyland HK were very old compared to Tokyo Disneyland. The only ride I liked was the Mystique Manor where they deployed the newer technology.

We caught the Lion king show

Zach had to go on the Grizzly Bear coaster ride

Night parade

We were so tired that I voted to skip the fireworks’ display at 845pm and returned to the Disneyland Hotel.

Funny bear head in room

The kids struggled to stay up and watch cartoons till they fell asleep. Mr H laughed about watching the Disney channel which was also available at home.

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