Day 9 – Heading back to Hong Kong

It was our last day in Okinawa. We were due to return to HK. Our flight was scheduled at 1230pm and we were supposed to return the car by 1050am so that we could catch the 11am shuttle to the Low Cost Carrier Terminal. There was no point heading to the international terminal and take the Naha shuttle to the LCC.

We refuelled the car, did some light shopping and even bought A&W to eat at the LCC Terminal.

The departure hall of the Naha LCC Terminal was the same arrival hall which we came through. It was small, sad and pathetic but thankfully, we had A&W.

Unfortunately, I overestimated and cleared the immigration too early. It was bare, crowded and tiny. If you asked me, the most painful of taking the budget airline was this terminal.

Finally, we could board.

The flight was uneventful because X slept from start till the end.

We checked in back to the airport Regal hotel and there was a 1-for-1 promotion for kids. We scored 2 x 2-scoop ice cream at HKD65.

We took the Airport Express Train to Tsing Yi to meet Mr H’s auntie for dinner.

At the promenade

Major feast ahead – suckling pig


Seafood roll

Shark’s fins soup

Steamed fish

Abalone with dried mushrooms and vegetables

And more dishes which were not featured because we devoured them before I remembered to take pictures.

We took the airport express back and we learned something new. Apparently, if you were taking a same-day return train, the return trip was free. We recycled our train passes because Z asked us to. Thankfully, Mr H’s auntie helped us to explain to the staff so we were able to take the return trip without additional payment. It was HKD150 for 2A & 1C.

Walking back to the hotel


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