Day 8 – Renaissance Resort & Kokusai Street, Okinawa 

Z was looking forward to waking up today because he had a ‘job’ to do. He was excited at the prospect of earning money after completing the job. After a quick breakfast, we brought Z to report for work at the Marina Counter at 840am. We had signed him up as the Haryu Cruise helper. He wanted to do the bell boy job but the timing was not ideal and the rest such as chef, bartender were fully booked.

However, this was actually one of the better paying jobs. Surprise!

The getup

Doing his job

We were the only customers for the 9am Haryu boat cruise so it meant that Z only had to ‘entertain’ us. Easy job, if you asked me!

Glass bottom boat

X loved this. Unlike the Coral Reef Cruise which we were ‘indoors’, we were given bread to feed the fishes on the Haryu Cruise. X enjoyed feeding the fishes and kept asking for more.

His salary of 600 reef dollars (= 600yen)

Shopping with his salary

Checking out

We checked out at 10am and headed to Kadena’s Rycom Aeon mall for shopping. It was the largest mall in Okinawa.

X enjoyed this.

After shopping at Old Navy and a few random shops, we settled for lunch at the mall’s ‘food court’.

It was not food court pricing, given that this cost 2500yen?

The Chirashi-don was worth the buck at 800yen!

We had to rush back to the resort because we booked Z for a turtle + fish feeding program at 2pm.

On the way to feed

Then we had our family program with the dolphins at 230pm!

Getting to know Tin the dolphin

One of the purchased photo


To be honest, if I knew the photo purchase policy which was by digital album, I would have left the full phototaking to the professional.

Swimming with Fenicusu

Rounded the day at the resort with more swimming before we started driving back to Naha

Back to Kokusai-dori

Exploring a street off Kokusai-dori

Pablo tarts… which I thought Bake was better

Dancing and shopping at Splash

We shopped till late at Kokusai and it was 930pm before we had dinner at Red Tiger Chinese restaurant. Everyone was beat. No second doubts…


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