Day 7 – Renaissance Resort, Okinawa

We made an effort to wake up early and to be at the doorstep of the Four Season restaurant by 650am. I took the 2nd last indoor table. Gasp. That was how early everyone at the resort was getting up!

We had a slow and leisure breakfast before sauntering to the Diver’s House to get Z to report for his snorkelling class from 9am to 10am.

X and I hanged out on the beach, admired the blue sky & sea and built sandcastles.

X loved the Coral Reef cruise so we went on it again. It was a much brighter day so we saw more fishes!

We had lunch from 12pm to 1245pm because we had to report for our Sweet Studio class at 1pm. It turned out to be a cake-making class.

We were led to the basement kitchen of the hotel where we donned the uniform, washed our hands before we were allowed to enter the mini studio which could only hold 5 sets of parent-child.

I partnered with X

We probably had the best looking cake of the 5 cakes there… haha

We hanged out at the beach after the baking session. Z and I went on a speedboat ride and a banana boat ride while Mr H took the kids on a kayak.

Speedboat ride

Z also tried the big wheel float, so did I. Man, was it hard to move around!

We left the resort at 530pm because we had a dinner date with our ex-neighbour at Awase, Okinawa City.

The local grill was awesome there!

We also headed to a nearby supermarket to grab flu medicine for X who had caught a cold, either from the rain or the lack of use of blanket in a cold room.

We rounded the night with a visit to our friend’s pad before going back to the resort at 10pm.


8 thoughts on “Day 7 – Renaissance Resort, Okinawa

  1. Hi, your trip looks fun! Like your blog. I am planning a trip to Okinawa towards end of the year. Am considering staying at Renaissance Okinawa Resort with my family. Are there restaurants and shopping places within 10 minutes drive to Renaissance Okinawa Resort? Was wondering if it is easy to drive in the night. Are the roads well lighted at night?


    • There is a small town near the resort, around 10-15min’s drive away. There isn’t much of shopping. There is a larger town 30min away.

      Renaissance is by a main road so that’s well-lit. The small roads around the area may not have street lights but it’s only for short stretches. It’s pretty manageable.

      There are quite a lot of things to do at the resort, so I think it’s easier to stay onsite. Plus late returns to hotel also means that there is no more valet to park the car.


  2. Thank you. Was initially thinking of going out for dinner to avoid the high cost of eating in the hotel and to try more authentic restaurants outside. Looks like i should plan for dinner in the hotel.. Thanks!


  3. Great thank you! May I know if you have put up a list of the mapcodes (for GPS in rental car) of the Okinawa attractions you visited on your blog ?


    • Sorry, I did not put up. I googled for the locations and their telephone numbers will appear. In Japan, it’s advisable to use their 10-digit phone numbers on gps as not every business is listed on google map.

      I used klook for data, only $2 a day


  4. Hi, seems that your family tried the family dolphin programme for 48000 yen. What did you get to do? Can kids swim and play with dolphin? Can the staff communicate in english? I have one child in upper primary and was wondering if my family should go for this. Rather expensive though. Appreciate your advise. Thank you


    • Hi, they have a few dolphin programs and you can only book after you have checked in. You have to head to the hut for booking. They will explain what you you get to do during the program. Most programs charged by a per pax basis or minimum age/height.

      I picked the family program which can accommodate up to 5 pax and is suitable for young children.

      It started with some basic tutorial about dolphins, getting the dolphin to swim to you for games and interaction; and 10 “swims” with the dolphin, either by holding its fin or lying on its belly as it does a backstroke. Each swim is a few metres’ long.

      It was worth it in my opinion but you may want to explore other programs which could be more suitable for your family. I remembered there was one where you could swim with the dolphin in the open sea but required a minimum height. Go to the Booking hut when you check in to find out more.


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