Day 6 – Renaissance Resort, Okinawa

We woke up at 630am to wash up and go down for breakfast. There were 3 restaurants for us to pick. I had thought of going to the Four Seasons French restaurant for breakfast on 2F. However, at 710am, the restaurant which opened at 7am was full. I did not want to wait 30min for a table so we headed down to the main restaurant on 1F.

Baked eggs in mushroom sauce and french toast with caramelised bananas rocked my morning!

We were next to the indoor playground

View from our table

We made it in time for the 9am Yacht cruise

Cape Maeda

Trampoline after cruise

More indoor pool time

Our 11am Coral Reef Cruise

It was cool that there was an internal capsule lowered into the sea

The cruise ended at 12pm so we headed back for lunch.

Kids’ plate

Kaisen-don that I made for Mr H

Crepe live station

By day 2 noon, Z finished his campaign

We spent the afternoon at the beach. We had free rental of the beach umbrellas, seats and mats.

Z’s first banana boat ride

By the time we were done bobbing about in the sea, we were hungry and were in time for the complimentary afternoon tea.

After a late tea at 430-5pm, we drove out to the nearby Cape Manzamo.

Then to Cape Maeda

Back to the resort for a round of kids’ table tennis

Before our BBQ seafood dinner 

This was how a Japanese Kelong would have looked like

Free kids’ meal for X

Sumptuous feast

X’s dessert which was claimed by Mr H since we were all too full to eat


4 thoughts on “Day 6 – Renaissance Resort, Okinawa

  1. Hi, I will be leaving for Renaissance Okinawa resort soon. May I know where is this BBQ seafood dinner place/”kelong”? Is this restaurant near the resort? it looks great!


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