Day 4, Naha/Nago/Motobu, Okinawa

We checked out of the hotel at 745am because I wanted to reach Shuri Castle (or Shuri-jo) at 8am when it opened. Unfortunately, we only reached at 820am with all the dilly-dallying.

The famous red building of Shurijo

Having been to Okinawa World and Seifa-Utaki the previous day, we could understand Shurijo’s emphasis on worship. To make the ensure trip more fun for children, there was a ‘Stamp Rally Challenge’ for children. There were stamps to collect from all over the castle.

Z & X were very excited whenever they spot the place to stamp their map. It took us about 2 hours to walk through the castle, read about the exhibits, take photos and collect the stamps.

Featuring the fully stamped copy

Eagerly waiting for his prize

The prize – it was a nice picture book for the kids! It illustrated a clear story on the history of Ryu Kyu kingdom.

We left Shuri Castle by 11am and was soon on our way to Nago. There was a spot of sunshine and we pulled over by the roadside to take photos. It had been 2.5 days of grey and wet skies for us.

After lunch at Gusto (a Saizeriya-alike restaurant), we went to the Nago Pineapple Park.

It was more cute than informational. The highlight for the kids was this 5-minute automatic cart ride through the pineapple farm.

By then, the sky was toggling between rain or shine. Due to bad weather, we did not go to the Okinawa Fruits Land which was next door.

We drove onwards to Motobu area and seeing the skies were dry, we drove to Kouri Island. There was a majestic-looking bridge to cross over to Kouri Island and the waters were just as gorgeous.

The rain came and we ran back to the car. We headed to Nakijin Ruins for more history of Okinawa.

We checked in to our hotel, The Centurion Hotel Okinawa Churaumi, which was going at 12,800yen a night compared to the 5* setup 300metres down the road. It was nice, refurbished and comfortable though it did not offer a very clear view of the sea as it was a short building. However, it was kids’ friendly and offered free breakfast.

Motobu was a quiet area and it was hard to find places to eat.

However, we discovered this.

It was quite reasonably priced for this family platter and was 30% cheaper than the yakiniku off Kokusai street.

This was a 10 minutes’ drive from the hotel and it was not hard to spot because it was probably the only eatery with signs of life in the area.


One thought on “Day 4, Naha/Nago/Motobu, Okinawa

  1. Always love reading about your travel adventures with the family. You are really a fantastic planner! Your boys are so lucky to be seasoned travellers 😉


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