Day 3 – Naha, Okinawa

It continued to pour when we woke up in Naha the next morning. I had booked the OTS car rental (at more than 40 days in advance) and opted for OTS to send a pickup car to our hotel. The cab arrived punctually at 830am. It was a 5 minutes’ ride to the OTS Tomarin branch from our hotel.

Walking to OTS office after alighting from the free ‘cab’ shuttle

It took us less than 15 minutes to settle the rental because we had selected the car and filled up most information online. It was hassle free. However, given the rainy situation, I decided to extend the car rental by one more day and return the car at the OTS branch nearest to the airport.

We rented a Toyota Aqua car for 31,000 yen from Sunday 930am to the following Saturday 1030am. It was pretty cheap. Furthermore, as it was a hybrid car, despite driving for a week, we only had to top up half a fuel tank which was 3100yen. Our ETC toll charges came up to 3000yen because of how freely we got on and off the highway.

The OTS GPS – which used phone numbers (Zipcodes did not work at all)

Thankfully, we always verified all GPS instructions against Google Maps, we did not have much of a problem using the OTS GPS. I was so glad we were on Klook’s unlimited wifi!

First destination after collecting the car was to Okinawa World & Caves

We had purchased these tickets at OTS and they were cheaper than if we had bought at entrance. I wish I had purchased my Churaumi Aquarium tickets from OTS too.

Our first attraction

The map of the attraction showed above and under the ground

We were very clueless on what the map meant and dashed in for the performance due to a heavy rain. We were puzzled with the order of the place because we saw the souvenir shopping area, then the show arena.

It was only after the show did we walk further into the park when a staff told us to reverse and look for the cave entrance. We were supposed to enter via the cave first, view the orchard, walk through the Ryu Kyu village, watch the show and enter the shopping plaza.

Entrance to the cave

It was the kids’ first cave adventure and Z finally understood what one of the Gardens By the Bay’s Cloud Forest’s exhibit was about

After such a long walk in the cave, I was wondering if we had to trek up the staircase. Japan, being Japan, was always thoughtful. There was an escalator waiting for us at the end!

We came out to the orchard

We had to rest for an ice cream

There was a glass blowing facility

There was a museum in Ryu Kyu village which we visited and watched a video to learn more about history of Okinawa which was fascinating for all of us.

Z played with an old school toy called ‘finger trap’

We were done with the attraction by 12pm and had a simple lunch.

I took the chance to buy this which I saw at the LCC the day before. They were selling a packet for 1080yen. Now there was a promotion! I really liked this tea so I did not mind stocking up. 

The famous Okinawa doughnuts which were really good and came in different flavours

With that, we left Okinawa World and headed off to the next site.

It was a short drive to Seifa Utaki. With the rain, I decided to detour to a lookout point near Seifa Utaki called Cape Chinen. Under a normal sunny day, the sea would have looked emerald green. 

It was 3pm when we headed to Seifa Utaki.

I did not post any photo of the trail inside Seifa Utaki. It was a UNESCO site, was highly regarded as a sacred place. As such, we did not take many photos and even X was speaking in a whisper. It was a really serene and zen place. It would be important to know the history of the Ryu Kyu kingdom prior to visiting this place.

The carriage which would have been used to transport the king to the holy ground for prayers

After a day of sightseeing, we drove to the Okinawa Premium Outlet mall which was 45min away.

We shopped from 4 to 8pm. The boys loaded up on Gap, Levis and Hugo Boss before we popped over to Ryu-Bo supermarket to buy drinks and snacks.

The kids were so beat that they begged us to take out the fastfood dinner instead of eating on site. Hello to a long lost brand (to us)!

The drive back to hotel


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