Day 2 – Hong Kong to Okinawa

My idea of a late morning was to wake up, eat breakfast and check out of Regal Airport Hotel by 930am. Luckily, this section was on the side of Regal Hotel. We had ordered 2 units of pocket wifi which came with unlimited data from It only cost us S$14.30 for 8 days’ use. That was incredibly cheap!

The actual counter 

We were supposed to go to Terminal 2 but when we got there, we couldn’t find the gate. Then we learned that it was changed to Terminal 1 which was where we were. Lucky we buffered a lot of time. We cleared check in, immigration and lunch.

On the way to a very far away gate

It was the kids’ first budget air flight 

Luckily it was just a 2hrs and 40mins’ flight which X slept 2 hours. The unfortunate thing was a long wait for takeoff so we arrived at the destination late.

The little shop at Low Cost Carrier Terminal

Following an advice I read online about not picking the rental car at the airport, depending on how many customers the car company wanted to consolidate, we took the airport shuttle which was a 15min wait because we couldn’t get onto the first round.

But by the time we left, apart for Toyota which had sent its customers off, OTS bus was still around.

The kids opted to take monorail to our hotel

We stayed at Nest Hotel which was functional, clean and cheap. The triple room cost us 12,450 yen a night.

After checking in, we went to the much famed Kokusai-dori which was really as cute as it was touted to be. 

They were selling so many Okinawan products that I had never seen in other parts of Japan.

Pig’s head for sale too?

The street 

The fatty and sinful dinner 

One of the last few shops we saw before the rain became a downpour 

With that, we cabbed back to the hotel and called it a night.


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