Day 1 – Hong Kong

After a very long wait, in everyone’s opinion, the family vacation finally happened. We had an early morning flight 0735h to Hong Kong.

Bright and chirpy in the morning 

After the routine breakfast at Killiney, we headed to Gate A17. 

Kids at play 

Excited about “their plane”

Whilst on board, X told me, “Mummy, I am so happy!” It was amazing that a toddler understood the concept of holiday. It was not like we had such a deadbeat routine at home. 

When the plane was about to land at HKIA, X started panicking. 

“Mummy, the plane is going to land in the water. I’m scared!”

I had to take a double take on this. Only when he saw the landing strip at the last second did he allay his fears. 

Given the schedule of flying out to Okinawa the next day, we stayed at the Regal Airport hotel. We managed to check in at 1230pm ahead of the usual 2pm. We were really thankful. I had expected a poor experience with all the tripadvisor reviews I was seeing. 

The non-smoking family room which I would never take for granted after the last episode 

The boys enjoyed the view of the planes taking off

We took the complimentary hotel shuttle bus from Regal Hotel to Citygate. The first stop was to hit lunch! With kids, we had never been super particular about where to dine as long as it’s clean, accessible (from wherever we were) and served decent food.

At Federal Imperial restaurant where I overordered. Hunger rendered the poorest judgement. 

When we were done at 230pm, we had wanted to drag the kids up Ngong Ping cable car ride. My scaredy cat boys were reluctant.

Z had started this passive-aggressive discerning practice. While I kept promoting the merits of the cable car ride, thinking it was a good experience for X, Z asked me, “Mom, are you trying to force us?”

That was so not funny.

Anyway, there was a 30min ticketing queue and it looked like it was going to rain heavily. We headed back to shop till 430pm. The sky had cleared up!

So off we went. I opted for the Crystal Cabin so it came up to HKD685 for us (HKD255 per adult and HKD175 per child). I had not recalled that it was so expensive.

In our crystal cabin 

Bye, cabin 

It was a 30min cable car ride. It had been very windy when we were going up so the kids were fearful. 

They were amused to see the Oriental setup. 

Outside the tea house 

Outside the sweet shop

We stayed at the village for 30min, grabbed 2 cups of Starbucks Frappe and went to take the cable car down. There was more to do but we weren’t keen and most importantly, we had to get back by 6pm.

Dinner at Watami

We caught the 815pm shuttle bus and it as back to hotel to rest and pack.

Happiest loot of the day at 60% off!


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