Xav’s first PTM at the new Preschool

We swapped X over to the new Preschool when he turned 3. It was not his first official PTM but yes, it was still a first PTM. Confusing much, I know.

During Z’s time, we, the noob parents, bombarded the teachers with more questions. We were never the overly anxious sort of parents. By virtue of the fact that Z was a December baby, it also meant that we were hardly bothered if he could not complete certain tasks.

On the contrary, X was a January baby. Imagine the difference in feedback we were getting!

Z was 2 years and 1 month old when he started the playgroup class while X was 2 years and 11.5months’ old. Effectively, X was 11.5months’ older than Z in the same period of time at the point of review.

“X is definitely one of the brightest kids at class.”

“X is very mature and understands complex instructions.”

“X is a very good student in class. He is a model student.”

“He was always putting his hands up to answer questions, he participates actively!”
Well, Z was as active in class participation, even till now. I supposed this ran in the family.

“His motor skills are very good! He could cycle trikes very well.”
This contrasted with how the teachers told us that Z was afraid of scaling the playground. Z was also unable to cycle and was taught in school how to cycle.

“Yes, he can grasp pencils correctly and write.”
This contrasted with how the teachers were telling us to buy threading toys and children’s scissors to develop Z’s small muscles.

It was all a matter of time before children would get to doing what they were supposed to do.

Anyway, we did not have much feedback except to ask if X had screamed and threw tantrums in school. He apparently did but his general good behavior swept these bad traits under the carpet. We learned that he would be stubborn at times but was always receptive to reasoning and improvements.

I also learned that his character was indeed different from the brother’s. X might be loud and boisterous in class but he would shrink in fear of new environments. That was for us to communicate with him in advance and helped him to cope.

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