Funny things my kids say

Having watched Les Mis, Z was inspired to become a singer. When he saw Enjolras in the program booklet, he went, “Isn’t this the guy Auntie U want to marry?”

He also remembered the scene of wanton women and asked me who they were. For me, I get let off with a simple explanation of women who sold their bodies for a living.

Since we didn’t bring X to watch the musical, I told him, “When you grow up, we will bring you to London to watch.”

Shocked, X said, “No, I don’t want to watch. It’s so scary!”

Other hilarious things that X said included responding in an official manner.

We asked if he would like to grab some snacks for breakfast. After thinking for a long time, X replied in a serious manner, “Actually… I have snacks in school. I don’t need to buy.” This was gold, coming from a 3.5yo kid.

At the same time, he was asking what Z was going to do on one of the days during school holidays. After Mr H explained for very long, X asked pointedly, “Is kor kor going to primary school?”

Realizing what a big circle he went, Mr H said “Yes” sheepishly. 


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